Folder Structure of a Component

You do not access the folder structure of a component directly, but use the Component Browser or other special tools of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. Nevertheless, knowing how the components are stored in the repository can be helpful in certain cases.

A workspace in a repository can contain any number of components. All components are stored in a shared folder named DCs. This convention allows you to also store component-free resources in this same workspace.

Under DCs, you create folders for the different vendors of components. The folder names are created from the vendor ID of the component (for example,, This separates the components of different vendors also physically in the file system.

Below the vendor folder, the component tree starts. Every segment of a component name is mapped to a folder. Under the folder hierarchy of a component, you find the reserved folder _comp. This is used to label those folders in the component tree that actually represent a component.

You must store all development objects and files that belong to a particular component in folders underneath of _comp.

The following figure shows an exemplary file structure below the _comp folder. The src folder contains all development objects of the component. The component defines two packages and with several files. There are also two package-free files a and b. The file with the reserved name .dcdef contains the component description. For more information, see Component Definition.

Example of a file structure.