Development Components (DCs)


Here you can find information about:

?     Basic Concepts

Introduction to the most important concepts of the model.

?     Component Names

The structure of the component names.

?     Nesting Components

Ways of organizing sets of components hierarchically.

?     Dependencies Between Components

Mutual usage between development components.

?     Public Parts

Description of how components can declare public interfaces (public parts) and use the public parts of other components.

?     Use Dependencies

Using the functions of other DCs.

?     Component Types

Categorizing of components.

?     Building Components

Description of how components are compiled.

?     Access Control Between Components

Restricting the use of components by other components.

?     Components in the Repository

Storing components in the Design Time Repository.

?     Directory Structure of a Component

Structure of a component in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

?     Defining Development Components

Meta information about DCs.

?     Structuring Development Components

Ideas how to structure your DCs.