Properties of the database instance.





In the Database Assistant, choose Properties.


The following properties are displayed:

Name of the Database Connection

Database Name

Database Server

Operational State

Database version

Database Version

DBM server version

DBM Server Version

Operating system


Operational state

Operational State

Started at

Time stamp

Automatic log backup

Automatic Log Backup OFF | ON

Database trace

Database Trace OFF | ON

Command monitor

Command Monitor OFF | ON

Resource monitor

Resource Monitor OFF | ON

The values are recalculated in the Operating State display in the following cases:

?     You start the Database Assistant (transaction DB50)

?     You choose the Refresh button

?     After starting or stopping the database system

See also:

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Displaying Critical Database States

If the data or log area has become full, the system displays this. If a critical state occurs, the first display you receive in the Database Assistant is the Properties application, regardless of your chosen start application.

If the system finds any bad indexes, you will see this displayed (see also: Indexes).

Hot Standby System

In the case of a Hot Standby System, additional information on the individual standby instances (name, type and operating status) is displayed.

See also:

Concepts of the Database System, Hot Standby