Internal Subtree

As well as the monitoring tree of the Database Alert Monitor, an internal subtree with administration information is also generated for each database connection.

Both trees are included together under the name of the database connection in the CCMS Monitoring.


       1.      In the User Menu, choose Database: Monitoring and Configuration ® CCMS Monitoring (transaction RZ20).

       2.      Choose SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors ® All Monitoring Contexts ® MaxDB Monitoring: <Name of the database connection>.

       3.      Expand the subtree Collectors and Internals.


The internal subtree contains nodes with data collectors with different runtime intervals. Each of these data collectors sends its results to multiple nodes in the corresponding monitoring tree.

Data Cannot be Collected

·        If the data collector cannot reach the chosen database instance, the Database Alert Monitor is deactivated for the corresponding database connection.

·        Once an hour, an automatic check is made to see whether the data collector can be activated.
If necessary, you can start this check immediately. To do this, choose the node of the chosen data collector, and double-click to start the analysis method.