DBA Planning Calendar


You can use the DBA Planning Calendar to automate the functions of the database administration (MaxDB OLTP/ SAP liveCache). You can schedule, perform, and check database administration actions.

You can use the DBA Planning Calendar for almost all regular database administration actions.

The database actions required are automatically executed at the time you specify. Therefore, you should make sure in advance that the required resources will be available at the time of execution. You can schedule actions periodically (in weeks). This reduces the scheduling work needed for periodic actions.


The DBA Planning Calendar is part of the Computing Center Management System (CCMS) and can be called up as follows:

OLTP: In the Database Assistant, select the function Tools ® DBA Planning Calendar or from the User Menu go to Database: Operation ® DBA Planning Calendar (transaction DB13).

liveCache: In the liveCache Assistant, select the function liveCache: Monitoring ® Tools ® DBA Planning Calendar or from the User Menu, go to DBA Planning Calendar(transaction DB13).


OLTP: Prerequisites

liveCache: In accordance with the authorization concept, the user was assigned one of the roles SAP_BC_LVC_ADMINISTRATOR or SAP_BC_LVC_SUPERUSER.

You are in the user menu of the user with the authorizations that correspond to this role.


Initial Screen

The initial screen of the DBA planning calendar comprises three parts:

The top right box contains all the information and parameters for choosing actions that should be displayed. You can:

·        Select the system you would like to use to schedule DBA actions

·        Select the calendar ID and use it to mark a factory calendar

Specifying the factory calendar only affects the calendar display. Public holidays are displayed in the same color as weekdays. This leads to no restrictions on any actions already scheduled.

·        Select the planning mode

Local: planning is carried out for the system that you marked.

Global: planning is carried out for all integrated, attainable systems. This type of procedure may be necessary, for example, if database structure checks ought to be carried out on all systems.

·        Select the week to be displayed using the Calendar Control

The default value is the current week. To navigate to another week, double-click on the week you would like to be displayed.

The bottom left box (Action Pad) contains a list of all scheduled Actions currently available for the database system.

The box on the right contains the calendar to be displayed one week from Monday onwards. The calendar contains cells for every hour of the day. Actions can be scheduled in advance using the background processing. These can be executed automatically. As soon as the action has been executed, the status is shown with the following colors:




The action has been completed successfully.


The action ended with a warning. Look in the Job Log for more detailed information.


An error has occurred and the action was terminated. Look in the Job Log for more detailed information and reschedule the action.


·        The action has not been started.

·        The action has not been completed.

·        The status of the action could not be determined.

Dragging & Dropping Actions

You can move or copy actions in the calendar with Drag&Drop.

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