Archiving Backup Files

If no space is available in the backup files disk directory, log backups cannot be performed. Check space availability regularly to ensure the backup files can always be written. Archive older backup files regularly to other backup devices.

If you use backup tools from other providers, you can automate the process for archiving backup files.


DBA Planning Calendar

Setting Up and Using the DBA Planning Calendar

Connecting Backup Tools from Other Providers

Scheduling Log Backups



       1.      Follow the scheduling concept.

       2.      Open the DBA Planning Calendar.

       3.      To archive version files automatically, proceed as described in Scheduling an Action.

Use the following action:

Archive log backup files: backup files are archived using the corresponding backup tool from another provider.

Select the backup template containing the backup files in the log backup results.

Select or specify the name of a backup template (OLTP/ liveCache) where the log backupp files are to be stored using the backup tool from another provider.


The log backup files archiving is scheduled. Check the scheduling of the action.

Make sure that the backup tool from another provider is connected and ready for use.

Check the results of the archiving in the DBA Planning Calendar, as described Displaying Actions. Use the information displayed in the DBA History. Also use the Log Area display in the Database, or in the liveCache Alert Monitor (OLTP/ liveCache).

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