Activating Automatic Log Backups

You should activate automatic log backups (autosave log mechanism) to regularly back up the log entries. Use the DBA Planning Calendar to do this.


DBA Planning Calendar

Setting Up and Using the DBA Planning Calendar



       1.      Follow the scheduling concept.

       2.      Open the DBA Planning Calendar.

       3.      To activate automatic log backups, proceed as described in Scheduling an Action.

Use the following actions:

0     Activate automatic log backup: when activated, the database system automatically backs up log entries from a segment of the log area to a backup file, as soon as the segment is full.

0     Deactivate automatic log backup: if you do not activate automatic log backups, check that there is enough memory in the log area (Monitoring the Log Area OLTP/ liveCache) at regular intervals, and backup the log entries immediately, if necessary (Scheduling Interactive Log Backup, Starting an Action Immediately).

Specify a file as the data carrier.


Automatic log backup activation is scheduled. Check the schedules of the automatic log backups.

Make sure the data carriers are ready.

Check regularly that automatic log backups are activated.

If no more space is available in the backup files, the autosave log mechanism stops. Check space availability regularly to ensure the backup files can always be written.

Archive older backup files regularly to other backup devices. If you are using a third-party backup tool, you can automate this procedure. Follow the procedure described in Archiving Backup Files.

If automatic log backups are activated, a log segment is backed up when it becomes full. Since you cannot predict when this will happen, make sure that there is always enough disk space for the log segments. Archive backup files regularly to other backup devices, so that you can delete them from the disk.

If no log segments are configured (log segment size = 0), the system defines one-third of the size of the entire log area as the log segment size.

Check the results of the log backups in the DBA Planning Calendar, as described in Displaying Actions. Check the log backup results and the archiving of backup files in the DBA History display. Also use the Log Area display in the Database, or in the liveCache Alert Monitor (OLTP/ liveCache).

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