Expert Analysis

The Database Analyzer user menu contains, among other things, an expert analysis. You can view the monitor class (analysis) logs and manage the performance data.



Database Analyzer must be started.


In the Database Assistant, select Problem Analysis ® Database Analyzer ® Expert Analysis.


In the Database Assistant, select Problem Analysis ® Database Analyzer ® Bottlenecks. Choose Goto ® Expert Analysis.


The results of the bottleneck analysis with the Database Analyzer are displayed. The Database Analyzer Logs (DBAN.prt, DBAN_<Monitorklasse>.csv) can be displayed in the expert analysis every day.

Choose the required day and the required log. You can open the logs for further analysis by double-clicking.

Collected (aggregated) Performance Data

If you would like to view the collected performance data (aggregated data), choose Goto ® Aggregated Performance Data.

By double-clicking inside the aggregation display, you switch from the aggregation that day to the display of the corresponding Database Analyzer data and from the weekly, monthly, quarterly aggregation to an overview of a particular day’s aggregation in that time period.

If you want to store the aggregated performance data locally, choose Edit ® Download Files. Choose an appropriate subdirectory on your local computer and start the procedure. The data is stored in the  analyzer subdirectory.

Managing Performance Data

Choose Edit ® Managing Performance Data in the Expert Analysis user menu. You can execute any administration activities automatically or manually.

·        Transfer the log files from the Database Analyzer to the database

·        Delete the log files from the Database Analyzer

·        Collect (aggregate) performance data from the Database Analyzer

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