Task Manager

In the Kernel Threads user menu, you can find, among other things, a display of all tasks and their current status. You can end running SQL statements and tasks.



       1.      Open the Database Assistant (transaction DB50) or the liveCache Assistant (transaction LC10).

       2.      Choose Current Status ® Kernel Threads ® Task Manager.



The system displays an overview of the database tasks and information about the current state of each individual task.

The following views are available:

?     Active Tasks

?     Runnable Tasks

?     User Tasks (task type User)

?     System Tasks

?     All Tasks

You obtain the following data, among other things:


Internal task ID

Thread ID

Thread ID of the corresponding internal task

Application PID

Process ID of the application program linked to the task

A * before the PID indicates that the PID is on a separate computer.

Task state

Information about the current state of the database task.

If you are monitoring tasks with the state Vwait over a longer period, use the analysis of the Wait Situations (OLTP/ liveCache).


liveCache Technology: name of DB Procedure

If, for example, the log writer tasks frequently have the state I/O wait, there may be an I/O bottleneck in your log area.

Possible Functions

Choose Edit ® <Function>.

The following functions are available:

?     Refreshing the Display

?     Terminating an SQL Command/SQL Session

?     Displaying Task Details

?     Activating/Deactivating DB Time Measurement

See also:

Concepts of the Database System, Process structure, Overview of Task States