The Database Analyzer user menu contains, among other things, a bottleneck analysis. You can display the logs of the Database Analyzer. You can stop and start the Database Analyzer, for example, to change the settings for the collection interval. You can also manage the performance data.



Database Analyzer must be running.


In the Database Assistant, select Problem Analysis ® Performance ® Database Analyzer ® Bottlenecks.



You see the results of today’s Database Analyzer bottleneck analysis ( log dban.prt), if there is one.

Each warning or information message is shown in a separate line. Double-click a line of the log to see all the Database Analyzer log entries for this line. Choose Expand All to see the entire Database Analyzer log.

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Displaying Further Performance Data

·        If you want to see the results of another day’s Database Analyzer bottlenecks analysis, choose Edit ® Choose Analysis Day.

·        If you would like to view the monitor class logs (analysis report) from the Database Analyzer and the collected performance data (aggregated data), switch to Goto ® Expert Analysis at Expert Analysis.

Changing the Collection Interval

If you need to change the collection interval for performance data, proceed as follows:


       1.      Choose Bottleneck Analysis ® DB Analyzer ® Stop Analysis in the Bottleneck user menu.

       2.      Choose Bottleneck Analysis ® DB Analyzer ® Start Analysis.

       3.      Specify a collection interval for the performance data.

Managing Performance Data

Choose Goto ® Managing Performance Data in the Bottleneck user menu. You can execute any administration activities automatically or manually:

·        Transfer the log files from the Database Analyzer to the database

·        Delete the log files from the Database Analyzer

·        Collect (aggregate) performance data from the Database Analyzer

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Managing Performance Data

Displaying a Log Report

To view more Log files from the Database Analyzer, proceed as follows:

Choose Goto ® Self-Monitoring® <DBAN.err | DBAN.inf | | DBAN.sid> in the Bottlenecks user menu.

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For more analysis, use the SQL Performance display, amongst other things.