DB Filling/Tables and Indexes


In this display of the database administration in the CCMS, you see information about the database fill level and the database objects (tables and indexes). You can determine which indexes are missing, and check the consistency of database objects and ABAP Dictionary objects.


In the User Menu, choose Database: Monitoring and Configuration ® Database Performance: Tables and Indexes (transaction DB02).




In addition to entries about the database instance, you can see the following information:

?     Data area usage

You can have the system display Fill level statistics next to the size specifications.

See also: Database Fill Level

?     Database tables/indexes of the Schema <schema_name>

You can have the system display Table/view information and Table size statistics next to the entry for the number of tables and indexes.

See also: Tables/Views/Synonyms, Table Size

See also: Index Analysis, Indexes

?     Consistency check results

Gives you a display of the number of missing or unknown objects in the database or the ABAP/4 dictionary. For further analysis, choose Missing tables/indexes. The results of the consistency check are displayed.

See also: Scheduling a Database Structure Check