Starting an Action Immediately

You can schedule actions in the DBA Planning Calendar. These are then performed at the specified time.

In some cases, however, you may have to execute a scheduled action immediately, or restart a previous action; for testing purposes, for example, or if an action fails, or in the case of a resource bottleneck. In these cases, immediate action is required.


DBA Planning Calendar



       1.      Open the DBA Planning Calendar (Setting Up and Using the DBA Planning Calendar).

       2.      Double-click on the calendar cell containing the scheduled action or previously executed action desired.

       3.      A dialog box appears with the details of the action. Check the action parameters.

       4.      Choose Re-Execute.

If you are sure that the action parameters are correct, simply carry out the following steps in the DBA Planning Calendar:

       5.      Place the cursor on the calendar cell containing the relevant action.

       6.      Choose Execute.

       7.      Select a task.

       8.      Choose Execute.


The action is scheduled for the current time.

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