Backup Templates

In the Configuration user menu, you can, among other things, create and change backup templates.



The database instance is in the ONLINE or ADMIN operational state.



       1.      In the Database Assistant, choose Current Status ® Configuration ® Backup Templates.

       2.      Choose Edit ® Create Group or Edit ® Create Backup Template, and create a backup template for a group of parallel data carriers or a single data carrier.

       3.      Choose Edit ® Change Properties if you want to change the specifications of a backup template.

External Backup Tool

Description of the third-party backup tool

Further information:
Concepts of the Database System, Using Backup Tools from Other Providers
Installation Manual, Connecting Backup Tools from Other Providers.


Name of the backup template


Name of the data carrier

If you use files and pipes, we recommend that you specify the absolute path of the data carrier.

Data Carrier Type

Data carrier type

File: log backups should always be carried out in backup files.

Tape: You cannot make log backups to tape.

Pipe: Always specify Pipe if you are using a backup tool from another provider.

Backup Type

Type of backup
Complete (data): complete data backup
Incremental (pages): incremental data backup
Log: interactive log backup
AutoLog: automatic log backup

Size (KB)

Size of data carrier

Can Overwrite

Sets the overwrite mode

Select Can Overwrite if you want to use the overwrite mode for the data carrier.

Block Size (Pages)

Selects the block size

If you want to make backups in blocks of eight pages, select Block Size. You can specify another block size, if you want.
If you do not select Block Size, the value of the database parameter BACKUP_BLOCK_CNT is used.


Sets the autoloader

If you want to use a tape device with an automatic tape loader, select Autoloader.

OS Command

Transferring operating system commands

When you backup to tape, you can specify operating system commands.


You can use backup templates to schedule or start a backup action (scheduling an action, starting an action immediately).

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