Scheduling a Data Backup

You can schedule regular data backups in the DBA Planning Calendar.


DBA Planning Calendar

Setting Up and Using the DBA Planning Calendar



       1.      Observe the planning concept .

       2.      Open the DBA Planning Calendar.

       3.      You can use an action pattern for the data backups.

       4.      To schedule the data backups, proceed as described in Scheduling an Action.

Use the following actions:


0     Complete data backup: this backs up the content of the data area and the database parameters necessary for recovery onto a data carrier.

0     Incremental data backup: all pages of the data volumes that have changed since the last complete data backup are backed up.

Specify the backup template.


The required backups are scheduled. Check the scheduled actions.

Before a scheduled backup action is due to start, make sure that the volumes have been inserted and are ready to run.

The backups are updated at the specified time.

Check the results of the data backups in the DBA Planning Calendar, as described Displaying Actions. Use the DBA History display in the Database Assistant or the liveCache Assistant. Also use the Backup/Recovery display in the Database, or in the liveCache Alert Monitor (OLTP/ liveCache).

See also:

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