Database Analyzer

The Database Analyzer is a tool for analyzing bottlenecks and can be found in the Performance user menu.

When the SAP system starts up, performance data collection begins. The Database Analyzer generates log files that are saved to the database server.

For more information about the Database Analyzer, see the Database Analyzer documentation.



When the SAP system starts up, the Database Analyzer is automatically started for the system’s basis database. With other systems, you need to explicitly start the Database Analyzer.

The Database Analyzer must always be activated. The default collection interval for the performance data is 900 seconds.


In the Database Assistant, select Problem Analysis ® Performance ® Database Analyzer.


The following performance analysis options are available:

·        Bottlenecks

·        Expert Analysis

Starting the Database Analyzer Explicitly

If necessary, you can start the Database Analyzer explicitly in the following ways:


       1.      Choose Bottleneck Analysis ® DB Analyzer ® Start Analysis.

       2.      Specify a collection interval for the performance data.