You must fulfill the following prerequisites before the database administrator can perform necessary database administration actions.

Role in the SAP System

OLTP: You have selected the role of the database administrator for the database system: SAP_BC_DB_ADMIN_SDB. The system displays the database administrator’s user menu.

liveCache: The user has been assigned a role in accordance with the authorization concept.

User Data

Enter the necessary user data for the DBM operator (OLTP/ liveCache) and the standard database user/ standard liveCache user. To do this, use the User Data user menu (OLTP/ liveCache).

DBA Planning Calendar

You must fulfill the following prerequisites before you can use the DBA Planning Calendar.

SAP System

You can use the DBA Planning Calendar to start actions only if the SAP system is active and available. If you want to execute an action that requires the SAP system to be inactive (for example, recovering the database system), use the Database Manager.

Authorizations in the SAP System

In order to use the DBA Planning Calendar, users need authorization for database administration and background job scheduling.

Enter the profiles S_RZL_ADMIN and S_BTCH_ALL for the database administrator ( Profile Maintenance (Authorization Object S_RZL_ADM) and background processing authorizations).


You must define valid backup templates before performing backups. To do this, you can use the Database Assistant or the DBA Planning Calendar (Configuring Backup Templates OLTP/ liveCache), or the Database Manager.

The number of data carriers required depends on the backup template you choose. The data carriers must be ready and waiting in the specified backup device (tape drive or tape changer) so that the database administrator does not have to interrupt the backup scheduled in the DBA Planning Calendar.

Always back up the log area to the file system (Backup Templates).

You can use backup tools from other providers ( Connecting Backup Tools from Other Providers).