Database Manager CLI

You can call the Database Manager CLI from the CCMS of the SAP systems to perform certain database administration tasks.


The Database Manager CLI should only be used by an expert. Inform yourself about the functions of the Database Manager CLI by reading the documentation Database Manager CLI.


In the Tools (OLTP/ liveCache) menu, choose the Database Manager CLI tool.


       1.      In the DBM command area, enter the required DBM command. The options for calling the Database Manager CLI are not available here. The name of the database instance, the database computer, and the user are implicitly transferred.

       2.      Choose Command ® Execute.

The Database Manager CLI program offers various operation modes. If you do not perform any other actions, you are working in command mode.  The use of a session is mandatory in certain cases, if a successive command is to be made in a certain status that can only be created by a preceding command in the same session (for example, transactions).

To activate or deactivate session mode, choose Deactivate the DBM Session Mode or Activate the DBM Session Mode.

The command mode is only recommended for long-running commands.


The required DBM command is executed. More information on the individual DBM commands can be found in the Database Manager CLI documentation, DBM commands