Creating Your First Web Dynpro Application


In the following tutorial, you will be introduced step by step to the basic concepts involved by implementing an elementary Web Dynpro application. The user interface for this Web application will consist of only two views and will allow you to switch between them. In the first view, the user should be able to enter his or her name in an input field and navigate to the next view using a Go button. This name should then be added dynamically to a text field and displayed in the welcoming text in the second view.

In the following sections, you will get to know each of these stages in turn: Creating a suitable project framework; designing the UI; implementing the event handlers; defining data binding for UI elements; and finally, deploying and executing the Welcome application on the J2EE server.

User Interface template:



By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:


Create a project for a Web Dynpro application and its associated development objects


Create views and define a navigation scheme for the application


Create actions for the views and implement simple event handlers


Design a simple view layout


Define data binding for UI elements using context attributes


Deploy and run a Web Dynpro application


Systems, installed applications, and authorizations

The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is installed on your computer.

You have access to the SAP J2EE Engine.


Basic knowledge of Java would be an advantage – as always.

Next step:

Creating a Web Dynpro Project