Creating a Web Service


You have created and completely implemented the session bean QuickOrderProcessorBean in the EJB Module project.

You have created the Enterprise Application project QuickCarRentalEar.



       1.      In the J2EE Explorer, expand the project structure QuickCarRentalEjb ® ejb-jar.xml.

       2.      Select the session bean QuickOrderProcessorBean and choose New ® Web Service from the context menu.

You can create a new Web service in the wizard that appears.

       3.      In Web Service Name, enter QuickCarRentalService.

       4.      Choose Simple SOAP as the Default Configuration Type.

       5.      Leave all the other predefined values unchanged and choose Next.

       6.      Accept the selection of all three business methods and choose Next.

       7.      Accept the default values for the virtual interface and for the Web service definition.

       8.      Assign the project QuickCarRentalEar as the EAR Project.

       9.      Choose Finish.


The wizard generates: A virtual interface named QuickCarRentalServiceVi; the associated Web service definition QuickCarRentalServiceWsd; a configuration named Config1 and

It also inserts the corresponding nodes in the structure of the EJB Module project and automatically starts the WS Deployment Descriptor Editor.

Next step:

Deploying the Web Service QuickCarRentaService