Creating an SDA

You require an SDA file to allow you to transfer the table definitions from the current Dictionary project to a database instance of the SAP DB. An SDA (Software Delivery Archive) is an archive file that represents a deployable unit of the Dictionary project.


The table QCR_RESERVATION is fully defined.

The structure of your project QuickCarRentalDictionary is currently displayed in the Dictionary Explorer.



       1.      If you have not already done so, save the metadata for your project in its current state.

       2.      Select the project node (QuickCarRentalDictionary) in the Dictionary Explorer, and choose Rebuild Project.  

       3.      Choose Create Archive from the context menu of the project node.   

Checking the Result

       4.      To check that the new archive was created for the project, switch to the Navigator view (tab adjacent to the Dictionary Explorer).

       5.      Expand the project node QuickCarRentalDictionary.

Here, you should see a file called QuickCarRentalDictionary.sda.

Next step:

Deploying an SDA