Creating a Web Dynpro Project

To manage local development objects, you need a project in the Developer Studio. For this reason, you will use the appropriate wizard to generate a suitable project structure for the new Web Dynpro project. Once you have set up this structure, you can create the specific components of the Welcome project, define them, and implement the source code.



You have launched the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.



       1.      Choose File ® New ® Project.

The New Project wizard appears.

       2.      Select the Web Dynpro category (in the left pane), followed by Web Dynpro Project (in the right pane). Choose Next.

       3.      Give your project the name Welcome and leave the default settings for Project contents and Project language unchanged.

       4.      Choose Finish.

The wizard generates an initial structure for your new Web Dynpro project and automatically opens the Web Dynpro perspective.

       5.      Choose the Web Dynpro Explorer tab.


The Web Dynpro perspective displays the structure in the Web Dynpro Explorer. From now on, the Web Dynpro Explorer is your main starting point for all further development activities.

Next step:

Creating a Web Dynpro Component