Creating a Dictionary Project

To be able to create tables, you first need an appropriate project in the Developer Studio. A Dictionary project allows you to create and manage the table definition locally. You create a suitable project framework for the new Dictionary project using the appropriate wizard.


You have launched the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.



       1.      Choose File ® New ® Project to start the New Project wizard.

       2.      In the wizard, select the Dictionary category (in the left pane), followed by Dictionary Project (in the right pane). Choose Next.

       3.      Give your project the name QuickCarRentalDictionary and leave the default settings for Project contents and Project language unchanged.

       4.      Choose Finish to create the project.


The wizard generates a standard structure for your new Dictionary project and creates the project folder QuickCarRentalDictionary in the default workspace.

It automatically opens the Dictionary perspective and displays the project structure in the Dictionary Explorer or in the Navigator view.

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