Creating a Web Dynpro Application

Before you trigger the compilation of your complete project followed by its deployment to the J2EE Engine, you first need an object that can be used to address and display the Web Dynpro component in the Web browser. This is why you create a Web Dynpro application.


The structure of your Welcome project  is currently displayed in the Web Dynpro Explorer.



       1.      To open the relevant wizard, choose Create Application from the context menu of the Applications node .

       2.      Enter a name for your Web Dynpro application, such as WelcomeApplication, and specify the package name (such as for the Java classes that will be generated. Then choose Next.

       3.      In the next dialog window, choose the default setting Use existing component and choose Next.

       4.      In the next dialog, assign the default values for all three dropdown box fields.

       5.      Choose Finish.


The generated Web Dynpro application object completes your project structure. You are now in a position to trigger deployment. WelcomeApplication enables you to address the Web application as a whole, when you launch this complete application in the next step.

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