Exporting the JAR File

To add your auxiliary classes to the EAR file for the later deployment step, you first need to pack all the resources into a JAR file. In this step, you will utilize the export wizard that allows you to create a JAR file and export it to any file system path.


The structure of the Java project Helperclasses is currently displayed in the Package Explorer.



       1.      In the Package Explorer, select the project node Helperclasses.

       2.      From the context menu, choose Export...

       3.      Select JAR file and choose Next.

       4.      In the JAR export wizard that appears, select all sources of the project Helperclasses to be exported.

       5.      Choose the Browse… button to specify the export destination. To do this, select the project folder Helperclasses from within your workspace and enter helper.jar as the name of the new JAR file.

       6.      Leave the other settings unchanged and choose Finish.


The wizard creates a new JAR file helper.jar and adds an appropriate node to the project structure. You will add this JAR file to the Enterprise Application project later when creating the EAR file.

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