Creating further Views

Users need elements within the user interface to interact with the application. The Web Dynpro concept allows you to split the user interface into an arrangement of views. You can think of each of these views as an entity encompassing the elements of a UI that belong together.

You will split the user interface of the Welcome application into two views, the StartView (which was just created in the last step) and the ResultView.


You have created a Web Dynpro Component (WelcomeComponent) for your project.

The structure of your project (Welcome) is currently displayed in the Web Dynpro Explorer.




       1.      Expand the node Web Dynpro ® Web Dynpro Components ® WelcomeComponent ® Windows.

       2.      Double-click the window node WelcomeComponent to start the Diagram View of the standard window.

       3.      Choose the icon  for Embed View from the palette (on the left of the screen).

       4.      Position the cursor within the diagram pane and drag a rectangle area to the required size.

       5.      In the wizard that appears, select the Embed new View option and choose Next.

       6.      Enter the name ResultView for the view you are about to create and choose Finish.


The diagram pane displays two areas representing the two views. In this case, the first view you created, the StartView is displayed as the active view (dark blue area). When the Web Dynpro application is launched, the active view is always accessed.

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