Creating an Enterprise Application Project

The Enterprise application project contains a reference to the two archive projects QuickCarRentalJar and QuickCarRentalWar as well as the two deployment descriptors application.xml and application-j2ee-engine.xml.


You have created the projects QuickCarRentalEjb and QuickCarRentalWeb.




       1.      Choose File ® New ® Project to start the New Project wizard.

       2.      In the wizard, select the J2EE category (in the left pane), followed by Enterprise Application Project (in the right pane). Choose Next.

       3.      Give your Enterprise application project the name QuickCarRentalEar and leave the default settings for Project contents unchanged.

       4.      Choose Next.

In the next wizard dialog, you can choose the referenced archive projects.

       5.      Choose the EJB Module Project QuickCarRentalEjb and the Web Module project QuickCarRentalWeb.

       6.      Choose Finish.


The wizard generates a project structure for the new Enterprise Application project QuickCarRentalEar and creates a project folder of the same name in the default workspace.

The project already contains the two deployment descriptors application.xml and  application-j2ee-engine.xml.

Next step:

Editing Deployment Descriptors