Activating Debugging

You need at first to switch to the debug mode on the J2EE Engine before you can debug your J2EE application (Servlets, JSP’s, …) or a Web Dynpro application. You do this step from within the Developer Studio.


You have launched the Developer Studio.


       1.      Check the relevant settings by choosing Window -> Preferences.

       2.      Choose the node SAP J2EE Engine.

       3.      If not already done so, specify the appropiate local J2EE Engine installation by choosing the Browse… button.

       4.      To be able to debug within a running J2EE application, you must activate debugging for the server process of the J2EE Engine. You activate this in the J2EE Engine view.
To do so, choose Window -> Show View -> Other. Select J2EE -> J2EE Engine and choose OK.

The system displays a view containing status information about the running J2EE Engine.

       5.      Expand the tree display fully until you can see the actual server process server0.

       6.      Right-click the server0 node and choose Enable debugging of process from the context menu.


The server process is stopped and restarted in debugging mode. To see the current state of the server, choose the Refresh tree  icon in the view toolbar. Wait until the Debug Mode changes to On.

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