Tutorial 2: Step 8 – Create SCA (Assembly)


In this step, you create a new software component archive (SCA) of the application from the consolidated state of the software changes.


You are in the Transport Studio of the Change Management Service (CMS).

You have already performed the consolidation.


       1.      Choose the Assembly tab page. You see the change request with the status Waiting for Assembly.

       2.      In the dropdown menu Select Component, select the software component you are developing in the track.

The All Components setting assembles all software components defined in the track. Using the menu selection allows you to create individual software component archives.

       3.      Select the change request and choose  Assemble Component(s). The Assembly Options dialog box appears. Keep the default settings and choose Assemble.


The CMS creates a new software component archive (SCA) and prepares it for import into the test J2EE Engine.

The SCA file is in the directory C:\usr\sap\Jtrans\archives.

The archive name is structured as follows:

<vendor>~<SC name>~<domain>_<track ID>_<system role>~<timestamp>.sca.

Continue with Step 9 – Import SCA into the Test System.