Tutorial 2: Step 10 – Approve Transport


This step is used for quality assurance for your software component. Once the application has been tested successfully in the test system, a quality manager can approve the software component for transport into the production system.


You are in the Transport Studio of the Change Management Service (CMS).

You have imported the new version of the software component into the test system and tested it there.


Choose the Approval tab page. The version of the software component has the status Waiting for approvalin the approval queue. In the Label column, you see the Support Package number, which was created during the assembly of the software component version.

After the first creation of your software component version, you see the Support Package number 0.

Select the software component and choose Confirm. The status of the software component changes to Approved. The software component is placed in the import queue of the production system.


You have approved the transport of a new software component into the production system.

Continue with Step 11 – Import into Production System.