Importing a Project Template

On the SAP Developer Network (SDN) at, the following Web Dynpro projects are available for this tutorial:

·        The project template TutWD_Popup_Init (the starting point for this tutorial)

·        the completed Web Dynpro project TutWD_CarRental

The projects are available for download in corresponding zip files in the SDN under the category Developer Areas ®Web Application Server ® Web Dynpro  ® Code Samples  ® Sample Applications and Tutorials.


·        You have a user ID and password to access the SAP Developer Network (


Importing the Project Template into the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio


       1.      Call the SAP NetWeaver Developer Network by using the URL and log on with the corresponding user ID and password. If you do not have a user ID, you must register before you can proceed.

       2.      Download the zip file containing the project template TutWD_CarRental_Init and save the zip file to any directory on your local hard disk or directly in the work area of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

       3.      Unpack the full content of the ZIP file.

       4.      Start the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

       5.      Import the Web-Dynpro project TutWD_CarRental_Init and then open the project in the Web Dynpro Explorer for further processing and execution of the tutorial.


Once you have imported the project template into the Developer Studio, you will see the following structure in the Web Dynpro Explorer.

Web Dynpro Project Structure

 Web Dynpro project: TutWD_CarRental_Init

        Web Dynpro application: CarRentalApp

         Web Dynpro component: CarRentalComp

             *  Window: Reservation

The Reservation window embeds the FormView as the only view.


             * View: FormView

With the FormView, a predefined form for car rental will look like this:


Next Step:

Creating a Model