Activating Debugging


·        You have launched the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

·        You are sure that the SAP J2EE Engine has been launched.

·        You can only debug in non-productive server nodes (Productive Use has the value NO).


Checking the Server Settings in the Developer Studio

       1.      Choose Window  ®  Preferences.

       2.      In the list Preferences, select the node SAP J2EE Engine.

       3.      If necessary, select the appropriate installation option.

Choose the SAP J2EE engine is installed on remote host option if you are deploying and debugging the application remotely (LAN scenario). For this case, enter a Message Server Host and the Message Server Port.

If the SAP J2EE Engine is installed on the same PC as the Developer Studio, choose the SAP J2EE engine is installed on local host option. Then choose Browse... and assign the relevant system.

Switching Server Nodes to Debug Mode

To be able to debug within a running Web Dynpro application, you must activate debugging for the server process of the J2EE Engine. You activate this in the J2EE Engine view.


       1.      If necessary, open the J2EE Engine view. To do so, choose Window  ®  Show View  ®  Other and then select J2EE  ®  J2EE Engine. Choose OK to confirm your entries.

The system displays a view containing status information about the running J2EE Engine.

       2.      Expand the tree display fully until you can see the actual server process (for example server0). 

       3.      Right-click the server node and then choose the appropriate function from the context menu.

 Enable debugging of process in a Single Server Configuration


Reserve process for debugging in a Cluster Configuration


The server process is stopped and restarted in debugging mode. Only the ON value is shown for Debug Mode. To display the current status of the server, in the view toolbar, choose Refresh. Wait until the server has the status Running.

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