Developing the Example Application – Steps

The following description of how to extend the example application with access to ABAP functions is split into two sections:


1.       Creating a model and context elements and bind them:

a.       Add a new FlightModel that is based on the Adaptive RFC.

b.       In the custom controller FlightListCust, create an appropriate context structure and bind it to the model FlightModel.

c.       Create appropriate context structures in the views SearchView and ResultView and map them to the context structures of the custom controller FlightListCust.

2.       Creating an action, declaring a method, and adding the implementation of the back-end connection:

a.       Define an action Search in the SearchView that will trigger the query to the back-end system. By declaring a method in the custom controller FlightListCust the query is sent to the back-end system.

b.       You bind the UI elements to the context structures or the action.

c.       As a last step before building, deploying, and executing, you must implement the back-end call.

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Creating a Model