Tutorial 2: Development with a Track

This tutorial introduces you to development with the entire NetWeaver Java Development Infrastructure (or NWDI for short).

You use the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio as the development environment, the Design Time Repository (DTR) as the source code control system, the Component Build Service (CBS) as the central build environment, and the Change Management Service (CMS) as the configuration and transport environment.

The tutorial consists of these steps:

       1.      Configuration of the NWDI

                            a.      Creating Users and Assigning Groups

                            b.      Creating a Software Component in the System Landscape Directory (SLD)

                            c.      Creating a Domain and Track in the CMS

                                                  i.       DTR workspace

                                                ii.       CBS buildspace

                                               iii.       Name Service

                            d.      Checking In and Importing Required Software Components

                            e.      Adapting authorizations for DTR workspaces

       2.      Development in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

                            a.      Importing a development configuration

                            b.      Creating an application

                                                  i.       Creating development components

                                                ii.       Testing the application on the local J2EE Enging

Checking in and activating the application

With the activation, an automatic deployment to the central J2EE Engine is executed.

                            c.      Testing changes on the central J2EE Engine

                            d.      Releasing Changes for Consolidation

       3.      Advanced administration tasks in the Software Change Management Lifecyle

                            a.      Consolidating Changes

                            b.      Creating a Version (Assembly)

                            c.      Import the Version into the Test System


                                                  i.       Testing the application

                            b.      Approving Transport

                            c.      Importing into the Production System