Tutorial 2: Step 7 – Consolidate Changes


The export in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio packs all selected activities in a change request, and then places them in the import queue of the consolidation system.

When the system administrator imports this request into the consolidation system, the released changes are integrated into the DTR workspace of the consolidation system; the build server compiles the modified components.


You have started the Change Management Service (CMS) and are logged on as Admin.

You start the CMS with the following URL:

http://<host name>:<port number>/devinf

Choose the link Change Management Service.


To consolidate the changes, proceed as follows:


       1.      Select the development track of your software component.

       2.      Switch to the Consolidation tab page. You see the change requests that were created when the activities were released; they have the status Waiting for Import.

       3.      Select all change requests by choosing Select All. Then choose Import. The CMS consolidates the changes and sets the status to Import finished.


You have consolidated the released changes. Use function  Details to check the logs of the executed transport steps for a selected change request.

Continue with Step 8 – Create Version (assembly).