Tutorial 2: Step 5 – Activation in the CBS


The central build in the Component Build Service (CBS) builds the archives of your DCs. In addition, the activation makes them usable for other developers: As a convention, only activated (successfully built) DCs should be used. This use is checked by the CBS: In the central build of DCs, unchanged files are retrieved from the Active workspace, changed files from the Inactive workspace. After a successful build, the archive data is automatically available in the Active workspace.

Developers of your immediate environment can download source files also from the Inactive workspace, create the archives in the local build and use them.


The activities that contain the source files of your DCs are now checked in into the DTR server. Your activities are closed. They are now visible for all users of your DTR workspaces.

You started the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and are logged on to the development infrastructure.



       1.      Open the Development Configurations perspective.

By default, it contains the views Open Activities and Activation.

You can find the Activation view under Window ®Show View ®Other… ®CBS Activation ®Activation View.

       2.      Select the Activition view.

You see your workspace.

       3.      Open your workspace.

You see your closed activities.

       4.      In the context menu of your activities, choose Activate:

A dialog window Activation appears.

       5.      Check your selection and confirm it with Activate.

The source files in your activity are built.

       6.      Perform these steps for all activities.


After a successful build, your DCs are available as runtime objects. In addition, they are now integrated into the Active workspace. They can now be used as archives in other central build processes. In addition, they can be transported further in the Change Management Service.

You can now release the activated activities in the Transport view of the CMS perspective. In the next step, the administrator takes over the further work on your DCs.