Creating a Web Module Project

Use this procedure to create the Web module project, which provides the framework for developing the Calculator JSP and the JavaBean helper class.


You have already created the EJB module project CalculatorEjb.


Creating the project structure


       1.      Choose File ® New ® Project to start the New Project wizard.

       2.      Select J2EE in the left-hand pane, and Web Module Project in the right-hand pane. Choose Next.

       3.      Enter the project name CalculatorWeb and leave the default settings unchanged. Choose Finish.

The project structure for the new Web module project is generated and displayed in the J2EE Explorer. It also contains the deployment descriptors web.xml and web-j2ee-engine.xml.

Specifying the project dependencies

Since the EJB business methods from the Session Bean are to be referenced in the Web resources, you will need to specify the EJB module project CalculatorEjb in the project build path.


       1.      In the J2EE Explorer, select the project node CalculatorWeb and open the context menu.

       2.      Choose Properties.

       3.      Choose Java Build Path in the left frame. In the right frame, select the Projects tab.

       4.      Select CalculatorEjb and confirm with OK.


The Web project CalculatorWeb is created. For the build path, the CalculatorEjb is referenced in the project dependencies.

Next step:

You can now go on with creating a JavaBean for the Calculator application.