Specifying the Navigation Schema

To define the navigation between the views, you need to create exit and entry points for each view using outbound and inbound plugs. Only then you can specify the navigation flow using navigation links.


You have created the two views StartView and ResultView for the Web Dynpro component and assigned them to the Window.

The structure of your Welcome project is currently displayed in the Web Dynpro Explorer.


The following procedure is split into two parts. First you create the outbound and inbound plugs for both views. You then connect them using navigation links.

Creating outbound and inbound plugs


       1.      If you have not already done so, find Windows in the tree structure, and double-click the WelcomeComponent node.

The Diagram View appears with two rectangles representing the two views.

       2.      Select the rectangle for the first view, StartView, and open the context menu.

       3.      Choose Create Outbound Plug.

The appropriate wizard appears.

       4.      Enter a name for your outbound plug, such as ToResultView, and choose Finish.

       5.      Select the rectangle for the second view, ResultView, and open the context menu.

       6.      Choose Create Inbound Plug.

       7.      Enter a name for your inbound plug, such as FromStartView, leave the default settings for the event handler unchanged and choose Finish.

You have thus created the exit and corresponding entry point for navigation from the (active) StartView to the ResultView. These two plugs are displayed as shown below:

       8.      Repeat these steps as appropriate to create the ToStartView outbound plug for the ResultView and the inbound plug FromResultView for the StartView.

You have thus created the exit and entry points for navigation back from the ResultView to the StartView.

You have assigned plugs to views as follows:

Outbound Plug

Inbound Plug







Connecting plugs using navigation links


       1.      To create a link for navigation from the first view to the second, select the icon  Create Link from the palette (on the left of the screen) and draw the line from the outbound plug of the StartView to the inbound plug of the ResultView.

       2.      Similarly, to create the navigation link back from the second to the first view.


You have defined the navigation schema between the two views in the Web Dynpro application. An event handler with the name onPlug<Name of Plug> has been automatically generated for each inbound plug.

In the documentation that follows, you will implement the event handler onPlugFromStartView, so that it generates a text dynamically when the user navigates to the ResultView.

In the next step, you will move on to defining appropriate actions for navigation.

Next step:

Creating Actions and Implementing Navigation