Tutorial 2: Step 6 – Release Changes for Consolidation


When you release the activities in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, you complete the development and pass the software changes to the Change Management Service (CMS) for consolidation and to create a new version of the software component.


You started the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and are logged on to the development infrastructure.

You have checked in and activated activities.



       1.      Open the Development Configurations perspective.

By default, it contains the views Open Activities and Activation.

You can find the Transport view under Window ® Show  ® View ® Other… ® CMS ® Transport View.

       2.      Select the Transport View.

You see your development configuration.

Expand the tree to see your workspace.

       3.      Open your workspace.

Under Waiting, you see your activated activities.

       4.      Select the activities you want to release and in the context menu, choose Release. The Release for Transport dialog box appears.

       5.      Select your activity and choose Release.

       6.      In the Transport View, choose Refresh. The released activities appear under the entry Released.


When you release the activities, you export your changes and place them in the import queue of the consolidation system in the CMS. The subsequent transport steps are executed in the CMS by an administrator.

Continue with Step 7 – Consolidate Changes.