Creating Users and Assigning Groups Using UME


Depending on the installation of J2EE Engine on which you have installed the NWDI and SLD, you need to use either User Management Engine (UME) or an SAP system as the user store. In this tutorial, you use the UME for both the NWDI and the SLD.


Create the following users:


       1.      Using the UME create the following users:

0     USER1 and USER2

These users will represent the developers in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and in the NWDI and need access to the SLD and to all components of the NWDI.

0     Admin

This administrator of the NWDI needs access to all components of the NWDI. You do not need access to the SLD to configure the CMS or to operate the NWDI. (SLD tasks such as creating software components and namespace prefixes can be done by an SLD administrator.)

0     CMSadm

This user can perform all actions in the CMS, DTR, CBS, and SLD that are required to configure the NWDI and operate the CMS. The CMS user is not assigned to a real person.

You must create the users USER1, USER2 and CMSadmin both in the UME of the J2EE engine of the NWDI and in the J2EE engine of the SLD.

The J2EE engine requires that you change the initial password of a user at the first logon. Therefore, after creating the users, log on to the J2EE engine once with every user and change the initial password.

If the SLD is installed on a different J2EE engine, make sure that you use identical passwords in all systems.

       2.      Assign the users you created to the following groups:











If the SLD is installed on a separate J2EE engine, you must create the users USER1, USER2 and CMSadm.

For more information about the UME administration, see User Administration Console.


You have created the required users for the NWDI and assigned them to the required groups.

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