Creating the JSP quickCarRentalView

To develop the user interface for the car rental application, you will create and implement a JSP named QuickCarRentalView. When doing so, you should define only two areas in this user interface, each of which will contain a corresponding HTML table.

The first HTML table implements an input form for the new booking data for the rental of the car. There should also be a button on this input form and a linked action for sending a new data record to the database.

The second HTML table displays the current bookings. Each booking can be cancelled by means of an appropriate action.


The structure of your project QuickCarRentalWeb is currently displayed in the J2EE Explorer.



       1.      In the J2EE Explorer, to open the relevant wizard, choose New ® JSP… from the context menu of the project node QuickCarRentalWeb.

       2.      In JSP Name, enter quickCarRentalView.

       3.      Choose Finish.


The wizard creates the file quickCarRentalView.jspin the project folder webContent. The associated JSP Editor opens automatically and displays a default message in the Preview.

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