Creating an EJB Module Project

Use this procedure to create the EJB module project, which will provide the framework for the development of the Calculator enterprise bean.


You have launched the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.



       1.      Choose File ® New… ®Project to start the New Project wizard.

       2.      Select J2EE (in the left-hand pane) and EJB Module Project (in the right-hand pane). Choose Next.

       3.      Give your EJB module project the name CalculatorEjb and leave the default settings for Project contents unchanged.

       4.      Choose Finish.


The wizard generates a project structure for your new EJB module project. It also contains the deployment descriptor files ejb-jar.xml and ejb-j2ee-engine.xml.

It automatically opens the J2EE perspective and displays the new project structure in the J2EE Explorer.

Next step:

You can now create an enterprise bean using the EJB module project structure.