Building, Deploying, and Running Your Application

You have now reached the last stage in this tutorial. However, some preparations are essential, before you can deploy and run the application successfully.


You have made sure that the SAP J2EE Engine and Software Deployment Manager (SDM) the has been launched.

To do this, refer to Starting and Stopping the SAP J2EE Engine

You have checked that the J2EE server is correctly selected in the Developer Studio.

To check the server settings, choose the menu path Window ® Preferences ® SAP J2EE Engine.


Building the project


       1.      If you have not already done so, save the metadata for your Welcome project in their current state.

       2.      In the Web Dynpro Explorer, from the context menu of the project node Welcome, choose Rebuild Project.

Make sure that the Tasks view does not display any errors for your Welcome project.

Deploying and launching the application


       1.      In the Web Dynpro Explorer, open the context menu for the application object WelcomeApplication.

       2.      Choose  Deploy New Archive and Run.


The Developer Studio launches the Web browser and chooses the active view StartView.

Test your Web application by entering a name and then triggering navigation using the Go button.