Tutorial 2: Step 9 – Import SCA into the Test System


In this step, you import the software component archive (SCA) you created in the assembly step into a central test system. The import also deploys the application automatically. The application can then be used in an application test.


You are in the Transport Studio of the Change Management Service (CMS).

You have assembled the software component.


Select the Test tab page. The software component is in the import queue with the status Waiting for import.

Select the software component and choose Import. If the import is successful, the status changes to Import finished.


You have imported the SCA successfully into the test system. It has been deployed in the test J2EE Engine.

Now test the application by running the servlet in the browser under the URL http://<host>:<port>/contextRoot/tax.jsp.

Then continue with Step 10 – Approve Transport.