Deploying an EAR

Before you start your car rental application for the first time, you must deploy the EAR file you have created to the J2EE Engine.


You have created an EAR file.

You have made sure that the SAP J2EE Engine has been launched.

To do this, refer to Starting and Stopping the SAP J2EE Engine



       1.      Expand the project node QuickCarRentalEar in the J2EE Explorer and choose the EAR file QuickCarRentalEar.ear.

       2.      Open the context menu for this node and choose Deploy to J2EE engine .


The EAR file is deployed to the J2EE Engine. By completing this step, you have made all the preparations necessary to start and test your car rental application in a Web browser.

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Executing the Car Rental Application