Personnel Cost Savings

Technical name: 0PSM_PBC_02

Technical data

Type of DataSource

Transaction data

Application Component

Position Budgeting and Control (PSM-PBC)

Available from OLTP Release

SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension HR 2.00

RemoteCube Compatibility

This data source is not suitable for a RemoteCube.


The extractor must be activated for the client in Customizing. No additional settings are required in Customizing for a full update. If you want to use the delta procedure, the implementation HRFPM_BW_DELTA_UBD of the BADI HRFPM_DELTA_UPD_BW must also be activated in Customizing for Position Budgeting and Control in the IMG activity Extraction of Changes to Documents to SAP-BW (delta update).


This DataSource sends the personnel cost savings and the overrun of personnel costs from the component Position Budgeting and Control to BW.

Delta Update

A Delta update is supported. The delta procedure AIMD (after images with deletion indicator using delta queue) is used in this process.

Fields of Origin in the Extract Structure

The information is principally read from the table HRFPM_DIFFERENCE. The FM area and fiscal year variant are added to the information and are read using function modules. Account assignment derivation is also carried out to search for the missing account assignment information.