Texts Budget Structure Element

DataSource Texts DataSource Texts: 0BSELEMENT_TEXT

This DataSource provides the texts for the individual budget structure elements.

Technical Data

Application Components Position Budgeting and Control (PSM_PBC)
Available as of Release SAP ECC 6.00, Human Resources Extension (EA-HR 600)
Shipment SAP NW 2004s BI Content Add-On 2
Content Versions No content versions exist.
RemoteCube-Capable No
Delta-Capable No
Extraction from Archives No
Verifiable No

Data Modeling

Delta Update

is not supported

Fields of Origin for the Extract Structure
Fields in the Extract Structure Description of the Field in the Extract Structure Table of Origin Field in the Table of Origin
DATEFROM Valid from date HRP1000 BEGDA
DATETO Valid to date HRP1000 ENDDA
BSELEMENT Budget structure elements HRP1000 OBJID
LANGU Language key HRP1000 LANGU
TXTMD Description - medium HRP1000 SHORT
TXTSH Description - short HRP1000 STEXT
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