Budget Status

Characteristic Characteristic: 0BSTAT

The budget status is used to control the planning and allocation of budgets. There are different functions available for editing budget structure elements depending on the budget status. The budget statuses and their most important functions are:

Proposed: Budget structure elements can be created and their budget can be maintained.

Fixed: This status is used to indicate that budget has been set up and no further editing is allowed until the budget management begins.

Released: The budget is released for management. In this phase, positions and persons can be financed from the budget of budget structure elements. Budget updates and transfer postings can be carried out and budget rules can be defined.

Locked: Budget structure elements cannot be managed and their budget cannot be changed, for example, by transfer postings.

Closed: Once the budget is closed, no more changes can be made.

Technical Data

Available as of Release SAP ECC 6.00, Human Resources Extension (EA-HR 600)
External Hierarchy Not available