Position Plan (Personnel Budget Plan Management)

You can use this scenario to display the position plan in Personnel Budget Plan Management. Proof and publication of the position plan is a legal requirement of public sector organizations in many countries. Many organizations use Data Warehouse systems to adjust the position plan and prepare it for publication. The SAP analysis scenario Position Plan Personnel Budget Plan Management enables you to summarize and break down data to map the position plan. The results can be made available to external users via the Internet.

Technical Data

Available as of Release SAP ECC 6.00, Human Resources Extension (EA-HR 600)
BI Content Add-On Release NW 2004s BI Content Add-On 2


The starting point for the evaluation of the position plan is the existing enterprise structure which is based on the budget structure elements (BU objects) of Personnel Budget Plan Management. The budget structure elements of Personnel Budget Plan Management do not use the budget data of the component Funds Management. They use the data of the original budget that was assigned to the budget structure elements during the processing of the position plan. A data collection method containing all BS element data is provided to evaluate this data.