Position Plan (Personnel Budget Plan Management)

DataSource Attributes DataSource Attributes: 0PSM_PBC_06

This DataSource provides the position plan of an organization. The budget structure elements including the relevant key figures are read from the OLTP system. The following Infotypes are included: 1000, 1500, 1501, 1509 and 1520.

Technical Data

Application Components Position Budgeting and Control (PSM_PBC)
Available as of Release SAP ECC 6.00, Human Resources Extension (EA-HR 600)
Shipment SAP NW 2004s BI Content Add-On 2
Content Versions No content versions exist.
RemoteCube-Capable No
Delta-Capable No
Extraction from Archives No
Verifiable Yes using transaction HRPBCS


There must be a position plan (Personnel Budget Plan Management) in the OLTP system.

Data Modeling

Delta Update

is not supported

Fields of Origin for the Extract Structure
Fields in the Extract Structure Description of the Field in the Extract Structure Table of Origin Field in the Table of Origin
OBJID Budget structure element HRP1500 OBJID
AMNT Number HRP1520 AMNT
BETRG Clearing total amount HRP1501 BETRG
USED_BETRG Clearing total amount
CURCY Currency key HRP1501 WAERS
RECLASS “To be reclassified” notes (external) HRP1509 KOMM
S_AMNT Number of lock notes (external) HRP1509 RAMNT1
R_AMNT Number of “to be reclassified” notes (external) HRP1509 RAMNT1
S_AMNT_ALL Lock notes (external and internal) HRP1509 RAMNT1
R_AMNT_ALL “To be reclassified” notes (external and internal) HRP1509 RAMNT1
CALYEAR Calendar year
Unsychronized Backup Recovery in BW System