Sending a Purchase Order via EDI (MM-PUR-PO)


In the EDI scenario, you send a standard purchase order to a vendor via EDI.



The following points are important for identifying the recipient.

  • You have maintained details of your account with the vendor in the master data (Accounting correspondence view), which identifies you as the partner (field LFB1-EIKTO).
  • You have created a material info record, in which you assign the material number for the customer to the material number in your R/3 System (transaction ME11).

Message Control

The following condition components must be maintained:

Condition component




Output type

NEU (new purchase order)


RMBEF1 (purchase order header)


EF ( purchasing)

Processing routine

Program RSNASTED , form routine EDI-PROCESSING


for example 4 (immediately, IDoc is generated immediately when document is posted)

Transmission medium


Partner function


For more information about creating condition records and message records, see: Message Records

IDoc interface

In order to transmit a purchase order, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • If you want to transmit purchase order conditions or texts by IDoc to your vendors, then you must create an IDoc views (Choose IDoc ® IDoc Basis ® Development ® IDoc Views).

You must store this IDoc view in the partner profiles of your vendor.

- If you want to transmit conditions, then include the segments E1EDK05 (header conditions) and E1EDP05 (position conditions) in the view.

- If you want to transmit texts, then include the header text (E1EDKT1 and E1EDKT2) and position text (E1EDPT1 and E1EDPT2) segments in the view.

If you want to include segments for texts not in the view, then no texts are transmitted.

  • In the case of outbound processing under Message Control, you must maintain both the outbound partner profiles and the additional partner profiles using the following values:



Message type


Partner type

LI (vendor/creditor)

Partner function

LF (vendor)


for example SUBSYSTEM

Output mode

for example Collect IDocs

Basic type


Optional: View (only for conditions and texts)

f or example SMITH

Packet size




Output type

NEU (new)

Process code



You create a purchase order from the purchasing menu by selecting Purchase order ® Create ® Vendor known.

Enter the vendor, the order type NB (new purchase order) and the organizational data. Before you save your entries, check whether the message default corresponds to the settings you have made ( Header ® Message).

If the default is correct, save the purchase order.

If the correct message was not found or if no messages were proposed, even though the condition record is identical to the record above, the partner profiles may not be maintained completely.

In this case use the determination analysis function in Message Control which you call from the message header by selecting Goto ® Determination analysis.

The system generates an IDoc of type ORDERS01, which is not yet transferred to the port (output mode Collect IDocs).